What is Tribee?

Tribee brings people together

Remote work has become the new normal. Let’s face facts: it is difficult to gather all your employees in one place for Town Hall meetings – more often than not, you probably end up sending an e-mail. Not anymore.

The Tribee app links employees directly with managers. It also connects employees to each other, when they’re not able to be in the same physical space.

Tribee is a simple solution that brings you the tools to train, communicate and share knowledge in a simple, visual and easily accessible way.

Motivation is key

Create a digital honey cube of happy worker bees.


Let information flow freely between employees and management. With feedback options and forums everyone will be heard.

Top of mind

Promote new campaigns with competitions in order to ensure top-of-mind and boost sales.


Tribee users will return again and again to gain more information, more rewards and more points.


A successful onboarding process makes the employee feel part of your company faster. Make a great first impression!

Data is king

Data can be interpreted and explained, but numbers don’t lie. Our dashboard will tell you what’s going on right now.


We are rarely without our smartphone, so naturally our app fits in your pocket. Stay up to date and in the loop using Tribee.

Still not convinced?

Tribee is the only tool you need to motivate and engage your employees!


Media library

File sharing

GDPR safe

Time saving

Happy customers

Enough searching, get in touch to learn more about the Tribee app.

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